Server & Application Monitor

Expert level application & server monitoring that you can set up in minutes.

Detailed application performance metrics for >200 applications

  • Exchange Monitoring - Mailbox database capacity, failover alerts, I/O
  • Monitoring IIS - IIS server performance, Websites & application pools
  • SQL Server Monitoring - Database status & capacity, Long-running queries and more
  • Support also included for Linux®, Active Directory®, Apache®, and Windows® Server monitoring. See the full list of applications supported.

The fastest path to the application’s view of your infrastructure.

One dashboard to see all application, server, and virtual infrastructure issues to help isolate the source of the issue in a matter of seconds.

Virtualization Manager

Hyper-V and VMware monitoring & troubleshooting: Optimize your environment in minutes

Gain Full Control of VMware® & Hyper-V® Environments

Reduce downtime up to 53%* and time spent troubleshooting by 59%* by proactively analyzing and alerting on VM performance. See relationships of active and pending alerts that identify hypervisor specific issues on VMs, hosts, datastores, & clusters.

Detailed Visibility With the Application Stack Management Dashboard

Identify the root cause of problems in minutes by quickly drilling into the app, server, virtual, and storage layers to troubleshoot performance issues.

Storage Resource Monitor

Multi-vendor storage performance and capacity monitoring

Real-time storage visibility into multi-vendor NAS & SAN arrays - EMC, NetApp, Dell, Hitachi, and many more

Comprehensive storage performance monitoring and alerting across all your storage arrays to ensure peak performance and avoid capacity surprises.

Instant visibility of all storage layers, extending to virtualization and applications with the Application Stack Environment Dashboard

Visibility into storage performance problems, including every layer of your infrastructure, and expandable to see the VMs and applications that are dependent on any storage element

Web Performance Monitor

Troubleshoot Web performance issues for internal & customer facing applications.

Test internal company Web applications—all without agents

Monitor internal Web applications like CRM, ERP, and Help Desk. Because SolarWinds’ Website monitoring software is installed within your firewall, you can securely monitor websites, without agents

Website & infrastructure performance in a single pane of glass

Identify and diagnose latency issues in CSS, HTML, JavaScript®, and 3rd-party plugins. Drill into infrastructure performance issues that affect website availability.

Patch Manager

Automated Patching of Microsoft® & 3rd-Party Apps

  • New! Quickly patch the latest Oracle Java 7 update FREE with our 30-day evaluation
  • Reduce time from weeks to minutes for patching physical & virtual Windows® desktops & servers with pre-built, tested patches from vendors such as Adobe®, Apple®, Google®, Mozilla®, Oracle® & others
  • Decrease security risks & service performance degradation by controlling when & where patches are applied
  • Pass audits and demonstrate compliance with out-of-the-box reports and dashboard views
  • Extend your WSUS or SCCM patch management environment to apply common 3rd-party patches for Adobe®, Apple®, Google®, Mozilla®, and Oracle® Java™ management solution

DameWare Remote Support

Comprehensive Remote Support Software (Includes DameWare Mini Remote Control)

DameWare Remote Support (DRS) is an affordable and easy-to-use systems administration and remote IT support tool that allows you to simplify and accelerate customer support. Wherever your end-users are located, you can remotely access their systems with the built-in DameWare Mini Remote Control software, and use the system tools on the DameWare Remote Support console to provide faster remote assistance. You never have to visit your end-user’s workstation again. Do IT remotely!

Top 5 Reasons to Use DameWare Remote Support Software

  • Remote control Windows®, Linux®, and Mac OS® X systems
  • Built-in tools for remote system monitoring, AD management, network diagnostics, and more
  • Gain remote access to computers inside and outside the network firewall
  • Deliver on-the-go remote assistance from iOS® and Android® mobile devices
  • Remote IT support software for unlimited end-users

DameWare Mini Remote Control

Easy-to-Use Remote Control Software (for Windows®, Linux® & Mac OS® X Systems)

DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) is one of the best values in remote control software available today. MRC is licensed by the number of help desk technicians your organization has and not by agent or end-point. It has been used for more than 10 years by thousands of IT admins to seamlessly connect to remote servers, desktops, and notebooks. DameWare MRC provides remote control for Mac OS® X, Windows® and Linux® systems and includes a host of great features to help you troubleshoot remote computers with ease.

Kiwi Syslog Server

Kiwi Syslog Message Management Tool

  • Receive, manage, and view real-time syslog messages in multiple windows simultaneously
  • Schedule automated log archiving, log clean-ups, and advanced script actions
  • Create advanced alerts based on syslog message content, message volume, or meta data
  • View and produce graphs of syslog statistics over specific time periods
  • Start managing your syslog messages from routers, switches, Unix hosts, and other syslog- enabled devices in just minutes

Kiwi Log Viewer for Windows®

Kiwi Log Viewer enables you to monitor a log file for changes. It can display changes in real-time and lets you automatically monitor log file entries for specific keywords, phrases or patterns. It only runs on Windows and provides similar functionality to the Unix/Linux Tail command.

  • Automatically highlights lines that match specified conditions.
  • Monitor log files for specific keywords or phrases.
  • Use regular expressions to build rules for monitoring log files.
  • Quickly view and search log files up to 14 TB in size.
  • View log file changes in real-time as new entries are created.

Mobile Admin

Mobile IT monitoring & management for after-hours support

  • Now available for unlimited users at one low price. Ask us about Mobile Admin MAX!
  • Troubleshoot & resolve IT issues in a few clicks from any smartphone or tablet
  • Supports all key IT infrastructure technologies – AD, VMware, Backup Exec, Exchange & more!
  • Delivers real-time alerts and statuses on your Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices
  • Remote control with SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP, proxy via Mobile Admin Server or direct connect

SolarWinds System Center Extension Pack

Quickly monitor more applications in System Center Operations Manager

  • Seamless integration of detailed application performance metrics
  • Easy customization of alert actions & thresholds for anything that is monitored
  • Native support for more than 150 applications including IBM® DB2, Apache™, Oracle® & more
  • Out-of-the box guidance on what to monitor & the optimal thresholds for each application
  • Extend Operations Manager visibility in about an hour – no professional services needed!

Virtualized Application Performance Pack

Application Stack Monitoring - App, Virtualization & Storage

  • In-context management spanning app, VM, host, cluster & datastore
  • Prebuilt Virtualization Manager integration with Server & Application Monitor (SAM)
  • Deep visibility into datastore performance & capacity
  • Datastore application dependency views w/ IOPs & latency overlays
  • Storage Manager integration to provide application-specific visibility to LUN, RG & Disk

Web App Monitoring Pack

Complete visibility to website & web application issues

  • Monitor end-user experience from multiple locations for apps within & outside the firewall
  • Alert on transaction abnormalities for each page in the transaction
  • Find the cause of Web page latency issues (DNS lookup, connection & send time, download time, etc.)
  • Determine constraints on application resources including Web servers, databases & app servers
  • Drill into the performance of services, processes & hardware details

Standard Toolset

A Basic Collection of Network Tools

Monitor & Troubleshoot Your Network with Standard Toolset

A Collection of Fundamental Network Tools

If you need a no-frills, affordable network management solution that gets the job done, then SolarWinds Standard Toolset is the answer for you. Standard Toolset is a collection of fundamental network discovery and troubleshooting tools that enable network engineers to diagnose issues and manage small to midsize networks. For more advanced troubleshooting or more sophisticated networks, Engineer’s Toolset contains more than twice as many tools and expanded functionality.

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