Maximize Availability with converged infrastructure and integrated Availability solutions

Ever wonder what it takes for the Always-On Enterprise™ to be always on? IT organizations are now turning to converged and hyper-converged infrastructure to achieve new levels of simplicity, cost-efficiency and performance. Veeam® takes it one step further by working in tandem with industry-leading converged and hyper-converged solutions, to maximize the performance of your Cisco, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), NetApp and VMware converged infrastructure platforms to make sure you’re up and running at all times.

Veeam + Alliances enable the Always-On Enterprise

Working together to guarantee workload Availability on converged infrastructure


Together, Cisco HyperFlex and Veeam deliver robust data Availability, protection and disaster recovery (DR) for virtualized environments — providing the modern enterprise with the 24.7.365 Availability to get ahead. Veeam Availability Suite™ works with HyperFlex by delivering efficient VM backup and replication, along with High Availability and reliable data protection.

Dell EMC

Dell EMC VxBlock, VxRail and Vblock System offerings provide a pre-integrated, agile and highly scalable platform that boasts 4.4x faster application delivery and 96% less downtime. Combined with Veeam, Dell EMC gives businesses lower RPOs and RTOs, with Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots and Veeam Explorer™ for Storage Snapshots — both of which are now integrated with EMC Unity all-flash and hybrid-storage arrays.


Veeam works alongside HPE to provide Availability solutions optimized for virtual environments running on HPE Hyper-Converged and ConvergedSystem solutions. HPE and Veeam’s software-based approach allows for faster deployment, simpler lifecycle management and unified support in a cost-effective turnkey solution, delivering 24.7.365 Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™.


NetApp FlexPod and Veeam solutions achieve unprecedented levels of data protection at a practical price point, enabling businesses to meet demanding RTOs and RPOs for mission-critical applications. The combination of Veeam’s low RTO enablement with FlexPod’s low RPO capabilities delivers the fastest recovery from NetApp Snapshots, SnapMirror and SnapVault, and enhanced DR protection for virtual environments.


VMware vSphere is the industry’s most trusted virtualization platform. It plays a huge role in the converged infrastructure market, empowering users to virtualize scale-up and scale-out applications with confidence, and simplify the creation and management of virtual data centers. Veeam works hand-in-hand with VMware, innovating, designing and optimizing solutions specifically for the VMware platform.

Always protected and available, no matter your needs

Veeam keeps 242,000+ businesses available 24.7.365, protecting 13.3 million VMs worldwide.

  • Veeam and HPE integration checked every box on our list of requirements, giving us the confidence we can provide 24x7 Availability as new stores come online and e-commerce expands. Veeam and HPE storage not only support our company’s growth trajectory, they also deliver exponential benefits to the business. The performance gains are tremendous.

  • Combining Veeam and FlexPod was a big win for us. Together they keep core Microsoft, ERP and specialized manufacturing applications available 24x7 so we can move the business forward.

  • Combining Veeam Backup & Replication with Data Domain gives us the most efficient and cost-effective backup and replication process possible for our virtual servers. We’re saving 20 to 30 percent on backups each year because we no longer have to purchase agents, and that savings will increase over time.

Find out what it takes for the Always-On Enterprise to be always on

Veeam technology does more with converged infrastructure to meet the stringent demands of the Always-On Enterprise.

Availability for Converged & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

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