Get your Veeam backups
and replicas off site

Let’s face it — who wants to build and maintain a secondary site, when you can send your
backups and replicas off site to a trusted service provider? Let the experts build and manage this site for you.

Consider the cost advantages

IT pros everywhere are gravitating toward this compelling economic model. Don’t make a big capital investment in hardware that you then have to maintain. Use someone else's hardware and pay-as-you-go.

Improve security without
sacrificing control

No matter where your data is stored — you control it — with AES 256-bit encryption during backup, in-flight and at rest in the cloud.

Take the strain off your internal resources

Reduce the complexity of your on-premises infrastructure and become better protected if something happens to your facility, which also frees up your team to work on other projects.

Automate it – work smarter,
not harder

Don’t learn a new UI or have to recreate and manually configure your cloud backups. Veeam® has created an easy way for you to extend Availability to the cloud with Veeam Cloud Connect.

Veeam Cloud Connect

A simple, secure and fully-integrated way to get data off site

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